How to install Windows 11 Official Build

Step 1 : Once you have downloaded the leaked Windows 11 build, it’s time to flash the ISO image on a thumb drive. Make sure you have a USB thumb drive with at least 16GB of storage space. Now, go ahead and download Rufus (Free). You can check out Rufus alternatives if you need another software to create the bootable installer drive.

Step 2 : Next, launch Rufus and click on “SELECT” and choose the Windows 11 ISO image. Make sure the USB thumb drive is selected in the “Device” drop-down menu. After that, keep everything as default and click on the “START” button.

Step 3 : Now, go through the initial on-screen instructions and let Rufus flash Windows 11 on the USB drive.

Step 4 : Once the process is done, plug the USB drive on the PC where you want to install Windows 11. If you want to install Windows 11 on the same PC, keep the USB stick plugged in. After that, restart your computer.

Step 5 : Next, press the boot key continuously while your computer boots up. It will allow you to select the Boot device. For HP laptops, it’s the Esc or F9 key. You can look for the boot key for your laptop/ PC from the internet. It should be one of these: F9, Esc, F12, F10, etc.

Step 6 : From the Boot device options, select the USB thumb drive on which you just flashed the leaked Windows 11 build.

Step 7 : Finally, the Windows 11 installer will start. In case you see a prompt asking whether you want to continue the upgrade or clean install Windows 11. Click on “No” to clean install Windows 11.

Step 8 : Now, the setup process is similar to how we install Windows 10. Simply choose Install Now -> I don’t have a product key -> Select Windows 11 edition -> Custom.

Step 9 : Finally, Windows 11 will be live on your PC.

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