How To FIX Forza Horizon 4 Getting Stuck On Loading Screen

1. Make sure Forza Horizon 4 is up to date and you also have the latest console update installed:

  • To check your Xbox is up to date: Press the Xbox button on your controller > Select Profile and System and open Settings
  • Select System > Updates and downloads > Update console
  • If up to date the option will be grayed out. If you see an update console option then click to update your Xbox

2. Restart your Xbox

3. Unplug your Xbox for 10 seconds

4. Disconnect the Xbox from the internet

5. Clear the Xbox system cache

6. If you have another Xbox sign into your account then launch Forza Horizon 4 >Once it has launched then sign out and try launching the game again on the Xbox that it was having issues on

7. If you are still unable to get Forza Horizon 4 to work then unfortunately the last option is to delete the game then install the game back onto your Xbox

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