How to Enable Color Filters in Windows 11

Step 1 : Click on the start button and select Settings.

Step 2 : On the Settings Page , Click on the Accessibility.

Step 3 : On the right -hand side pane, click on the Color Filters.

Step 4 : Enable the Color filters option.

Step 5 : Below the color filters option, you will find six different types of color filters.

  • Red-green (green weak, deuteranopia)
  • Red-green (red weak, protanopia)
  • Blue-yellow (tritanopia)
  • Grayscale
  • Grayscale Inverted
  • Inverted

Step 6 : To enable the color filter,click on the circular button beside the color filter option.

Step 7 : The color filters page will also show you the preview of the effects.

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